There is only one “R” in PROSTATE!

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It would seem a common misunderstanding within the male population the pronunciation and spelling of PROSTATE. I have no idea why, but it seems that the majority refer to their PROSTATE as their PROSTRATE! Why the extra “R”?  I have no idea! Whilst to me this has become a bit comical at times; it also concerns me. Whilst this might seem trivial; it suggests to me that men simply don’t understand their bodies and their anatomy. It may be an indication that there is a bigger problem at play and that there is a lack of education provided to men about their own anatomy. Then again, I might also be over thinking it and men find it easier to say PROSTRATE than PROSTATE.

So to set the record straight…..

The walnut-sized gland down near your nether regions that might be making peeing difficult and in those unfortunate men may have cancer in is called your PROSTATE.

There is actually a word in the English language, PROSTRATE. The word PROSTRATE has absolutely nothing to do with any part of the male anatomy. The definition of PROSTRATE, according to is as follows:

1. lying flat or at full length, as on the ground.
2. lying face down on the ground, as in token of humility, submission, oradoration.
3. overthrown, overcome, or helpless.
4. physically weak or exhausted
5. submissive.
6. utterly dejected or depressed; disconsolate.
7. Botany. (of a plant or stem) lying flat on the ground.

For all you men out there who have been referring to your PROSTATE as your PROSTRATE, I hope you can see that this trivial extra “R” in a word has a distinctly different meaning in the English language. I would like to see men being proud of their bodies and as part of this I believe having an understanding of your distinctly male anatomy is important. So, let’s put this matter to bed and refer to that walnut-sized gland in your pelvis by its proper name – PROSTATE!

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