arrowphysio-7Northern Sydney Men’s Health Physiotherapy was established by Brendan Limbrey. Brendan is one of the few physiotherapists across the country who specifically treat men with issues of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and pelvic pain. Brendan began working in the area of men’s health physiotherapy shortly after graduating and has continued to develop a passion for working in this space, becoming a staunch advocate for men’s health physiotherapy. Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Brendan had a background in medical science which he is able to incorporate into the management of his men’s health patients. In addition to working as a men’s health physiotherapist, Brendan is also a sports physiotherapist and applies many of the principles used with his athletic patients to his men’s health patients.

Brendan is avid sports fan of all codes. He has a particular passion for AFL and supports the GWS Giants. When away from the clinic, Brendan enjoys spending time with his family.


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